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Satellite Systems

As a leading company with global competitiveness in developing Earth observation satellites,
Satrec Initiative provides high-performance satellite systems optimized for various missions.

Satellite System

  • Satellite Platform

    to satisfy mission requirements
    with high agility and stability, high-
    reliable data communication, and
    stable power generation

  • EO Payload

    to generate high-quality image data
    with large-aperture telescope and
    low-noise electronics

  • Ground Systems

    to maximize satellite operation efficiency
    and generate high-quality imagery

Satellite Systems

VVHR Electro-optical Satellite


SpaceEye-T is the first 0.3m resolution satellite built in Korea for commercial use.

SpaceEye-T is designed to collect VVHR image data with a wide swath for applications that require timely responses.

Additional satellites will be manufactured for constellation operation.

  • GSD

    PAN 0.3m, MS 1.2m

  • Bands

    PAN + 4MS

  • Swath Width


  • D/L Speed

    2.0 Gbps

Satellite Systems

VHR Small Electro-optical Satellite


SpaceEye-M is a small satellite to produce high-resolution image data.

A constellation of SpaceEye-M can perform precise monitoring over a large area with high revisit.

  • GSD

    PAN 0.8m, MS 3.2m

  • Bands

    PAN + 4MS

  • Swath Width


  • D/L Speed

    600 Mbps

Satellite Systems

VHR Small SAR Satellite


SpaceEye-R is a small high-resolution SAR satellite that allows monitoring and observation in harsh weather conditions and night time.

  • GSD

    0.5m (Spot)

  • Bands


  • Swath Width

    >100km (Scan)

Electro-Optical Payloads


0.3m resolution
14km swath (@ 600km)


0.5m resolution
18km swath (@ 550km)


0.8m resolution
9.6km swath (@ 500km)

Space Components

Satrec Initiative leverages our in-house design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities to deliver cost-effective solutions optimized for system performance.

  • Storage
    Solid State Recorder
  • Communication
    S-band Transceiver
  • Communication
    Steerable X-band Antenna
  • Communication
    X-band Transmitter
  • Computer
    Command & Data Handling Unit
  • Power Supply
    Power Processing Unit
  • Propulsion
    Xenon Feeding Unit
  • Attitude & Orbit
    Star Tracker
  • Attitude & Orbit
    GPS Receiver
  • Attitude & Orbit
    Attitude Control System
  • Attitude & Orbit
    Sun Sensor
  • Attitude & Orbit