Ground Systems | 쎄트렉아이 - SATREC INITIATIVE


Ground Systems

Satrec Initiative provides ground systems for commercial and defense applications
that manage satellite operation and receive and process the generated mission data.

Commercial Ground Systems

Satrec Initiative's ground systems ensure maximum operational efficiency and generate high-quality image products with proven reliability from KOMPSAT/Geo-KOMPSAT projects for the Korean Government and international satellite projects.


Mission Control System

  • Satellite Control

  • Flight Dynamics

  • Mission Planning

  • Data Management
    & Archiving

  • Satellite Simulator


Image Receiving & Processing System

  • High-Speed
    Image Data Acquisition

  • Radiometric/Geometric

  • Image Collection

  • Catalog Search
    & Browsing

  • Post-launch

Defense Ground Systems

Satrec Initiative provides reliable and field-proven mobile ground systems tailored for defense applications. In addition, Satrec Initiative has various defense products including ground control systems for UAV and a secure multi-function imagery display platform for satellite/aerial images, SMUDI.

  • Mobile Ground Receiving & Processing System

    • Mobile ground system for EO/IR satellites
    • Mobile ground system for SAR satellites
    • Movable antenna, trailer, shelter and support equipment
    • Image receiving, processing, and analysis
  • UAV Ground Control System

    • Mission planning
    • EO/IR payload control and Image analysis
    • Flight control
    • Built-in-test for LRU failures
    • Take-off and landing control
    • Debriefing

    • High-speed satellite/aerial image display
    • 2D/3D terrain and image display
    • 2D/3D simulation
    • Image analysis
    • 2D/3D engine and Server equipment