Care for Earth & Social Contribution | 쎄트렉아이 - SATREC INITIATIVE


Care for Earth

As a leading solution provider for Earth observation missions, Satrec Initiative is committed to take actions to protect and preserve our valuable planet.

Satrec Initiative uses electricity generated by solar power and has charging stations for electric vehicles to reduce carbon gas emissions. We will expand actions for environment and sustainability.

Social Contribution

Satrec Initiative runs an in-house café together with a social enterprise, HISBEANS.

Satrec Initiative in-house café, ‘Wooribyul-1’

Woorybyul-1 is the Korean name of KITSAT-1, the first Korean satellite.

HISBEANS, the partner that runs Woorybyul-1, is an innovative social enterprise who provides job opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Satrec Initiative’s mission is to find values in space for the society and we are willing to make more contribution to the society. We hope that the staff working at Woorybyul-1 will enjoy their work and join us in finding values in space.