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Satellite Technology Training

Satrec Initiative is dedicated to strong partnership with customers and the growth of space industry.

Leverage its experience over 30 space projects, Satrec Initiative provides training and related services to assist partners and customers in enhancing their self-standing development capability and in ensuring their mission objectives are met.

  • Training Courses for Satellite System

    Satrec Initiative provides tailored training courses that cover a wide spectrum of satellite system development from mission analysis to ground station operation and post-launch calibration/validation.

  • On-the-Job Training

    Satrec Initiative's experienced engineers provide on-the-job training (OJT) to design, manufacture, test, and operate satellite systems.

    The primary objective of the OJT program is assisting partners and customers to enhance and/or develop their own capabilities in developing satellite systems.

  • Launch & Early Operation and In-Orbit Commissioning

    Satrec Initiative's technical support spans from launch campaigns, early operations, in-orbit tests to post-launch calibration/validation that encompasses all critical phases in launching and commissioning satellite systems.